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The Swiss group Tissot has been working and innovating wristwatches since 1853. During their history they have merged on several occasions, now belonging to the Swatch Group since 1998. Tissot watches were pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century as the first series-produced pocket watches.

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Innovation embodied in a small wristwatch. Anyone looking for quality, modernity and impact in a watch will go hunting for a Tissot watch. At present, the new designs of this company are characterized by having a touch screen in its sphere. Thanks to this, the owner can switch between the different functions of the watch by pressing on the dial screen.

Tissot watches for sports

Although these models are more designed for sports lovers, since they have a barometer, altimeter, compass, stopwatch and thermometer. Tissot watch models that have the possibility of connecting them to the internet have even begun to distribute.

But for those who want to do without so much technology and prefer the classic analog models, they will find a very interesting offer in the Tissot watch catalog. Their watches have several options when choosing the strap: stainless steel, titanium, plastic strap, leather, rubber, etc. This coupled with a highly impact resistant dial that makes this watch have excellent durability. They are also submersible without any problem up to 50 meters deep.

Tissot watches for men

While for men Tissot watches tend to have a large dial, some models with a medium dial are also manufactured, for women they mostly opt for watches with a small dial that are quite simple. These watches not only have the classic analogue system to control the passing of the hours, but also incorporate a calendar, chronograph or a second analog watch in case you want to control the time of another country.

Tissot watches for women

Thanks to its smaller and simpler models, coupled with the use of lightweight materials that greatly reduce weight, the watch does not stand out too much. Although women will also find quite striking designs, which combine different colors on their straps or their spheres, especially the silver color with the gold color. An accessory that is essential to wear on the wrist for those who like high-end products but at an affordable price.

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