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How to combine watches for men

The watch is the main fashion accessory for man, and it must adapt perfectly to the look we choose every day. That a watch combines well with our style does not depend solely on the style of it. The material of the mail or the color of the dial influences the way it matches our overall look. This means that an elegant style watch will not always be appropriate for our more formal looks.

The style of the strap is another relevant aspect: metal straps are the most versatile, although they are generally appropriate for formal events. Leather straps are only appropriate for important appointments (be it personal or business), while fabric or plastic straps can only be used at informal events or for everyday use.

To give concrete examples, we recommend a rectangular dial watch with a black leather strap for a day to day with important events. On the other hand, casual watches in a casual style should always have a round dial, while for the more sporty models you should bet on the rubber strap to support your lifestyle.

How to choose the right watch

The best watch is the one that adapts perfectly to the exact moment in which it is going to be worn. If you dress with a hipster look, your perfect type of watch is the one with a vintage style, while if you have a more sporty style, the models that best suit you are those with more modern dials or those that are colored more striking.

To choose the right watch you must think about the functionality that you are going to give it. If you don’t want to fail, the Internet is a perfect ally. Today’s sports watches carry features such as built-in GPS, altimeter or pulse counter. To find out if these functions are what you need and if the model works correctly, check the opinions of other users. You can do the same if you are looking for a quality classic model and want to know if this will be a watch “for life.”

The size of your wrist should mark the type of watch to choose. If your wrist is small, with a diameter less than 15 centimeters, you should bet on small spheres. The effect of a sphere 40mm in diameter or more can be fatal to your style. On the contrary, those of you who have a large wrist, over 20 centimeters in diameter, should look for large spheres over 40 millimeters in diameter.

Hamilton Watch
Hamilton Watch

New trends in men watches

Times are changing, and the market for men’s watches adapts to new trends. Smart watches, known as Smartwatch, are the future in this sector, and that is why all brands are betting on them, with different styles, batteries with greater autonomy, straps of different colors (and even interchangeable), smaller watch faces or bigger, and new functionalities that until now we had not even imagined.

Within these new functionalities we find actions such as responding to messages from messaging services such as WhatsApp, answering calls or consulting social networks, but they do not forget the classic functions that every watch should have, regardless of its technology style. In all of them we can, of course, check the time (being able to keep track of different time zones), set the timer or set alarms.

Watches for men with their own style

The watch is the main complement to men’s style. Every year, thousands of new models arrive in stores with increasingly interesting innovations in terms of aesthetics, functionality, mechanisms and styles. We all have several models at home, adapted to different functions: a comfortable model for day to day, a more classic elegant one for gala occasions and even a sports watch for when we do sports.

The big brands know that each watch has its occasion, that is why they constantly renew their catalogs, and offer us good deals on their models with the longest time on the market with discounts so that we always find an excuse to renew our wristwatches.

The best online store to buy men’s watches

A good watch is one that combines good design to give style to our look, precise and reliable functionalities, durability and efficiency over the years, and a balanced price in all these aspects. And the selection of watches that we have prepared meets all these requirements. They are cheap models in relation to all the functionalities and advantages that they offer us.

We are specialists in men’s wristwatches, and in our online catalog you will find all kinds of models for all kinds of styles and occasions. Regardless of whether you are looking for a minimalist model for a modern look, a classic dial style for a quality watch, or a comfortable and resistant model for everyday use, we have prepared for you a wide variety of models with a perfect quality / price ratio.

Mens Watches

The watch is always an essential accessory for every dandy worth his salt, as it will not only say a lot about his personality but will also help him to be punctual for any appointment he has to attend, always on time!

The world’s leading brands have created an infinity of models, establishing a unique watch market in which modern men can find an ideal accessory to have on their wrist.

As for the size, choose one that is consistent with your physical complexion and, above all, that when worn on the wrist it does not make you uncomfortable or bother you.

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