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The offer of sports watches for men, women or unisex is growing every year, and with the rise of running, the different watch and technology firms are taking into account the new needs that athletes demand in order to practice their new sport. favorite with total security and the best guarantees.

Running watches vary between the lower and higher ranges, and their price can be very different depending on the features each watch has, but currently we can find cheap and quality watches to practice sports or start in the world of running.

The choice of one watch or another will vary depending on the use that we are going to give it: it will not be the same nor should we choose the same watch if we are triathletes who also want to be able to use our device to go cycling or swimming than if we simply want it to order our foot race. Brands such as Tomtom, Suunto, Polar, Geonaute or Garmin are at the forefront in this type of smart device, offering new features, designs and different functionalities every season to continue competing in the disputed world of sports watches.

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Accessories with many features

The new running watches are reaching the market with a growing number of special features. You can find from simple and inexpensive models with practical functions such as having a stopwatch, a heart rate monitor and a heart rate meter, to more complex models of classic brands.

The Smartwatch, with a wide number of functionalities, such as being able to make a phone call, check social networks or WhatsApp messages, have a simple range of sports bracelets, perfect for those who are starting in the world of running or simply practice it as a complement to another sport.

From here, you will be able to find watches with many more functionalities, such as those specially designed for triathlon practice, which include a quality submersible mode and different modes that you can vary for cycling or running training.

The vast majority of modern and quality running watches include a heart rate monitor, GPS, heart rate meter and indicator of altimetries and slopes. You will be able to control your routes from the computer, review your workouts, your performance zones and make the most of your new watch to optimize your workouts.

Match your sports watch

Combining your sports watch with your different sports looks doesn’t have to be difficult. If you opt for simple watch bracelets, you can find them in a large number of colors and combine them to your liking to go for a few kilometers or warm up before going to the gym.
If you opt for a higher quality watch, for running or that also allows you to control your performance in other sports, you can choose between selecting a neutral color, such as white or black, to be able to combine it perfectly with all your sports outfits, or instead choose one of the colorful offers of heart rate monitors that currently exist on the market.

Blue, turquoise, yellow, orange watches … the color variety is endless and the choice is only up to you. But you should not worry that this color is only going to combine with one of your outfits, since you can buy different straps and casings adapted to your watch model in different colors at cheap prices, so that the style does not abandon you even when you are practicing exercise.

In addition, most quality sports heart rate monitors have beautiful designs that allow you to also use them as a street watch with a casual, sports-style look.

Choose your custom heart rate monitor

If you are starting in the world of running, probably the best choice for you will be sports bracelets or cheaper accessories. You can find a wide range of men’s and women’s watches, with models of very different colors that include a heart rate monitor and even GPS at really cheap prices.

It is not worth investing time and money in especially modern quality watches with features for triathletes if you are going to be able to get more out of a simple and cheap one.

If you’ve been in the running world for longer and want to find a good watch, there are also high-quality options at cheap prices and with multiple features that will even allow you to pair your watch with your computer and with your different smart devices to review your workouts, upload them to the network, share them, discuss them with your coach and schedule new series or quality workouts. Don’t forget to choose the right watch for your wrist size.

There are heart rate monitors with many features in a light size, but there are also some large screen watches to be able to see the routes well, whose weight will be excessive for the thinner and lighter wrists and arms. You are going to use it for running and you should not carry extra weight, unless you can bear it with guarantees.

Buy your running watch online here

In our watch store you can take a look at a wide catalog of watches for running. Watches with a heart rate monitor and frequency meter, quality submersible watches or watches with extra features such as GPS measurement. Check out this special collection of men’s and women’s sports watches at cheap prices and find your new perfect complement.
Quality heart rate monitors that you can buy online easily. Choose a minimalist watch of a small size and with the basic features or one with large dials, or with original square shapes and multiple different features with which to control the hours, minutes and seconds of training and competition.

The perfect help to boost yourself in sports practice, because time will never be an excuse again.

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