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They were the first to think about creating a portable heart rate monitor, which has been a very useful device for training of very famous athletes. Today, they have transferred that technology to an incredible range of Polar watches.

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polar watches logoIn its polar watch catalog you can find everything. A self-respecting athlete cannot wear just any watch on his wrist. If you want to keep a precise control of the exercise; how long has the activity lasted, his heart rate, distance traveled, data comparison… What he needs is a device that collects all this data.

And that is what has been worked on to create a catalog of Polar watches. These watches are specially designed for people who love to train to stay in shape. Polar watches are equipped with the latest technology in terms of control. It has an application that allows you to assess the data obtained based on age, control the intensity of the pulsations, measure the kilometers that have been traveled and compare them with previous data, it has a GPS to establish the route to follow during the race or know the benefits derived from physical activity performed.

But that’s not all, since Polar watches have a series of exercises incorporated into their electronic system that will appear on the watch screen to advise their owner. The exercise table is distributed based on the interest of the owner of the watch: what types of exercises do you have to do to lose weight, which ones are better to gain muscle strength, etc.

Its designs are unisex, so no matter its size, men and women can use it equally. Although for those who prefer differentiated designs, the brand has thought of everything, and has in its catalog some models differentiated by sex. They are very exclusive watches, made especially for sports lovers. Wearing one of these watches on your wrist will be like carrying a small laptop.

An athlete who considers himself as such can only wear the best on his wrist. There will be nothing better than a Polar watch. Its elastic straps allow them to adjust to any wrist and its resistance to shocks is unquestionable.

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