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The Panerai watch brand already has 150 years in the world of watchmaking, a name that has always resonated in stores, for combining the elegance of Italian style with the sophistication of Swiss watchmaking.

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They say that if you are looking for a watch that is elegant, luxurious and with an exclusive design, you have to look for a Panerai watch.

Its different watch models allow the buyer to decide whether he prefers an automatic watch, despite its classic cut appearance, or wishes to have in his hands a manually wound watch as they were used in the past. And for the great lovers of unique models, they offer a collection of Panerai pocket watches to feel like a name from the 19th century. They are comfortable and light, hardly noticeable when worn.

Panerai watch for women

The brand fights in particular for the presentation of unisex Panerai watches. However, their collection of watches for women is something unique and special. The class and quality of Italian products are well represented in each model in the collection. Ideal watches for going to big parties, with the brand’s logo engraved on the bezel of the dial and the back of the dial, to demonstrate its authenticity. A punctual watch, which is never late or early. Wearing it on your wrist, it will be impossible to present any excuse for being late for an appointment.

Panerai watch for men

Its collection of men’s watches stands out for presenting classic cut models, based on bygone eras. His most famous collection are his watches inspired by the 1950s, with crocodile skin, rubber or leather straps, thus guaranteeing their resistance, and spheres made of titanium. They also have models of spheres made with white or yellow gold, for those who prefer much more luxurious models.

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All their watches have been manufactured with the best raw materials, making them highly resistant to shocks and being able to submerge them, without worries, up to 100 meters deep. And even if the watch has been kept in its box for years, waiting to be used for a special day, the hands will continue to turn no matter how long it takes.

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