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Mondia brand watches

Mondia watches were the first submersible watches to exist, although the idea was first patented by the Rólex brand. This Italian brand stands out above all for creating quality watches at an affordable price.

Mondia watches for men

The brand’s men’s watches are simple, with brown leather straps and ideal for facing the passage of time on a daily basis.

Mondia watches for women

Mondia brand also offers a wonderful collection of Mondia watches for women, which stand out above all for their small size. Despite this factor, they are very striking and outgoing, as they break with all the trends of other brands, offering muted colors on their straps, combined with other more vivid colors, such as yellow or pink gold, for their dials.

Mondia watch catalog

Thanks to Mondia watches, it will be impossible not to know the time in and out of the water.

The large collection offered by the Mondia brand is ideal for those who like to dive into the depths to practice scuba diving, as well as for those who like more to be on land and want a watch for everyday use.

A Mondia watch is perfect for any situation, since its designs are designed to be used for both formal and informal events.

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