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A young watch brand that knew very well how to position itself in the market. Born in 1980, Lotus watches are especially designed for athletes, but they are beginning to work on more formal models for those who want to go to finery with a watch from this brand.

Lotus watch catalog

In its catalog of Lotus watches there is everything a person could wish for
Lotus has always been known for offering a large number of watch models for all tastes on the market, in which styles designed for both sexes have always been differentiated.

Lotus watch catalog for men

For men, they offer a catalog in which the black color of the strap predominates, whether it is leather, steel or titanium. In his models it is the predominant color since it is a color that can be combined with anything, in this way the modern man does not have to waste a lot of time thinking that he could look good to be able to wear his favorite watch. Those who prefer another color, silver watches also predominate, as well as those that combine black with gold (black leather strap with a gold dial). The interior of the spheres is also usually black, although you can find models with a white interior.

Lotus watch catalog for women

Women have a wide variety when choosing a Lotus brand watch. On the one hand, you have at your fingertips some beautiful titanium strap watches with a silver or chocolate-colored circular sphere that in recent years have become very fashionable on the market. The designs of the spheres are the most varied, with watches that combine the different ways of representing the numbers in a watch that exist, others that seem to have been created by a designer by hand, simulating as if inside the dial there would be precious stones, or other much simpler models that combine different colors to make unique designs.

Lotus watches logo

Lotus knows very well that throughout the day its watches are subjected to many tests, so during the manufacturing process it has prepared them to be able to resist up to 50 meters of depth under water and the material with which they are designed is very Shock resistant so they won’t break easily. For those looking for a beautiful watch design that is not too expensive, it is clear that Lotus is their brand.

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