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Almost two centuries of history is what Timex watches have. His own name is an indication of his desire to create the perfect watch for each person so that they can control the passage of time and thus can always arrive on time for their commitments.

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You will find very interesting proposals in the Timex watch catalog. Timex is an inexpensive watch brand that seeks to approach the public with casual and sporty designs. Everyone should have a watch for day to day, and that is why they propose watches with simple and accessible designs for their price.

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Sports lovers will delight in their line of sports watches. Digital Timex watches are ideal for sports, thanks to the fact that they have several extra functions; stopwatch to measure the time that a physical activity lasts, models designed for hiking enthusiasts with high-resolution displays to monitor the weather, temperature and altitude of the trail being followed. Once fitted on the wrist and worn for the first time, it will be impossible to perform any physical activity without wearing a Timex watch.

Of course they also work with analog models, but without leaving behind their policy of creating informal designs. Timex not only wants its watches to be ideal to be worn in any situation, but to have various uses for their owner. Analog Timex watches also have various functions that can be useful for athletes, such as a hand with a 60-minute stopwatch, some models have a 60-second stopwatch and a 60-minute stopwatch connected to each other, or with an alarm that warns of the end of the activity with the scheduled time.

Of course, for those who want to use the watch simply to control the time, they have Timex watch designs that have the possibility of controlling the time in different parts of the world. Thus, people who have to travel a lot for their work will always know what time it is in their place of origin and the city where they are with complete accuracy. A proposal to bet on, as Timex watches are very cheap and their quality is indisputable.

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