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The Viceroy watch brand has always been characterized by being innovative and luxury products. Since their foundation in 1951 they have presented unique and exclusive designs designed for the most demanding clients. Always innovating, they were the first to launch a quartz watch on the market.

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The best Viceroy watch catalog for special moments. Viceroy has become the first brand that a person thinks of when giving a watch. His advertising campaigns have always been aimed at special moments in a person’s life; gift for a wedding, be the perfect gift for a first communion or become the number one choice when making a gift for father’s day.

Viceroy watch for Men

Men will find a wide range of designs in the brand’s catalog. The most sporty will delight in the accuracy of its sporty design that can be worn with a leather, nylon or silicone strap. Many of these watches are inspired by important moments in the sports world; Designs inspired by the Olympics, the Formula 1 Grand Prix or the World Cup. But for those who want a more formal design, which makes it stand out from the rest, it has Viceroy watches with surprising designs, being able to choose from more than 10 types of straps and with the option of having more than one needle to control the weather.

Viceroy watch for Women

The Viceroy brand does not neglect women, and within its catalog of watches there is also a space for them. Among its most recent designs are wristwatches, which finish the classic strap designs, promoted by Penélope Cruz herself, which have more than one needle to have a unique control of the passage of time and never be late to the dates. If there are those who prefer a more classic model, the Viceroy brand offers a wide variety of steel strap watches, finished in silver or yellow gold, for those looking for a more exclusive design. They also think of the most athletic women who do not like modern designs and prefer something more classic, so they can find excellent wristwatches with which to measure the time they exercise while wearing a beautiful gold-plated Viceroy wristwatch yellow or white.

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