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Since its appearance in 1954, the Fossil watch company has been characterized by presenting in each new design something new that has made it unique. Today it is one of the few companies that offers a watch with PDA functions.

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Catalog of Fossil watches with unique designs. Designer watches are fine for the most demanding people, but wouldn’t it be nice if it had something that would make it stand out from other watches? The Fossil brand offers a very interesting alternative for those who want to control the time just by looking at their wrist watches with a retro style.

Fossil watches for men

Men have the option of opting for oversized stainless steel hand watches to make it stand out from their clothing. Although these watches at first glance seem design, the truth is that they have several elements that are not perceived with the naked eye, such as the use of Roman numerals instead of traditional numbers to represent the hours, rather than the color of the interior of the dial is black or have slightly more exclusive designs, such as a watch whose dial represents a sundial. Now, for those who like the most modern designs, but without neglecting the brand’s retro touch, they also have several interesting options: steel watches with a gold color that not only have a hand to control the hours but also second and minute hands or digital watches with a steel strap and dial so that modern design is not neglected.

Fossil watches for women

Women will find in Fossil designs just what they were looking for in a wristwatch. With inconspicuous designs with leather or steel straps, some with quite original designs, and which, despite their small size, seek to be quite striking due to their gold or silver color. Models that at first glance seem quite simple, but when you see them closely you will appreciate the excellent quality of the design. Some of these designs perfectly mimic the look of a watch with precious stones embedded in the dials, making them perfect for women looking for a watch that is beautiful to the naked eye and can be used for specials occasions.

All Fossil watches, both for men and women, have been worked with special care to make them unique. No design is the same as the other!

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