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If you are a lover of the Ferrari brand, the dominant company in the manufacture of sports cars and Formula 1, you will certainly want to wear a watch like the ones you will find below. Enjoy the best offers and buy your Ferrari watch at the best price.

Most people know Ferrari for being the manufacturer of racing cars and for Formula 1. This is where the history of Ferrari began. In 1929 Enzo Ferrari founded the Scuderia Ferrari brand. This was the name of the Formula 1 racing team.

The history of Ferrari watches began some twenty years later. In 1950 Enzo Ferrari bought six watches to give as gifts. Inspired by an event that occurred during his own childhood, when he himself received a watch as a gift from his family to consecrate one of his achievements.

In the 1970s the first Ferrari watch collection was produced to be offered as gifts, thus keeping the tradition of the Ferrari family intact. In 1983, the watch business officially began with the production of a new series of Ferrari watches for the consumer market.

Ferrari watch catalog

The Ferrari watch catalog consists of luxury chronographs, timepieces with classic Italian style and watches with a luxurious and modern design. The famous Italian racing red color is present in many Ferrari watches, but the black and yellow colors part of the Ferrari logo are typical throughout the collection.
Ferrari symbolizes speed, courage and strength. These are also values represented in the watch collection. The watches are made from the best materials and their designs impart a sense of speed and luxury.

Ferrari watches for Men

A sports car is a status symbol for many men, as are Ferrari watches. This is what the Scuderia Ferrari watch collection can offer; a watch that suits your personality and aspirations.

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