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Throughout its history, since its founding in 1848, the Omega watch brand has undergone several changes. Now belonging to the Swatch group, this watch brand has sponsored the Olympic games on several occasions and one of its designs was even taken to the Moon by Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo XIII mission.

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An extensive list of Omega watches to choose from in your catalog. Omega is a brand that is characterized by the excellence of its designs. Within its catalog of watches, the Omega brand has always sought innovative with its designs. Models made with the ocean floor in mind, and baptized as the wonderful mythological creatures, sports models inspired by major events or their models inspired by the wonders of planet Earth.

Omega men watches

It is a brand that has always been present in great film productions such as the saga of the famous 007 James Bond agent. Men can wear the same watch that Pierce Brosman wore on his wrist during the Golden Eyen movie, the famous Seamaster model with a silver steel bracelet with a blue dial. Or if you want to feel like a real astronaut, you will find the Speedmaster watch line within the Omega watch catalog very striking and attractive. They are characterized by their simplicity but at the same time they are quite provocative due to their large size, at a very accessible price for any pocket.

Omega women watches

Omega also has a niche in its extensive catalog of watches for women. Nicole Kidman has been the model who has posed with an Omega watch on more than one occasion. The designs for women have much smaller straps, bathed in yellow gold or silver (it is also possible to combine both colors on a two-tone strap). Its dials are small, for those women who prefer to hide the watch on their wrist. But for those who want their watch to stand out above all else, there are larger dial models with shiny finishes that will leave everyone who looks at them speechless.

A prestigious brand that has always worked with the best, and that offers an extensive catalog of watches at a very accessible price for any type of pocket. Doesn’t that make her the best?

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