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Watch Styles

To talk about styles, first we are going to cite the dictionary.
Style: “Set of peculiar features that characterize an artist, a work or an artistic period and give it its own recognizable personality.”

Style borders

Differences between styles and types of watchesAlthough the world of humans we have always known how to differentiate between ourselves, we have created borders of all kinds, be it by nature or destiny, we love to conceptualize everything and group them by their peculiar characteristics. Dividing boundaries between one concept or another, of behavior, of morals, religion, races and territories. We group everything together and give it a name and function.
It is not about discrimination but rather the inevitable human impulse to organize everything, to give order, because it can only be controlled when there is order and control belongs to our instinct to safeguard the integrity of individuals.

The control of time is not feasible, but it is possible to measure it to order ourselves with “time”, synchronizing ourselves with what we call “reality” or “the lifetime itself”.

The need to measure time and to control our routine with a precise and organized order thanks to the invention of the clock. Now that we control the measurement, something is missing, right? Something is always needed, man does not stop and will always continue creating, innovating, inventing, evolving. And it occurred to us to control the styles of our timer and after that something else will occur to us.

How many watch styles are there

Tens, hundreds as concepts may exist: casual watches, formal watches, elegant watches, wedding watches, dress watches, party watches, rapper watches, vintage watches, retro, military watches, heavy-duty, for sports, for running, diving watches, colored watches, gold watches, luxury watches, flashy, fashion style, modern, watches with modest styles, rare watches, minimalist watches, classic watches, custom watches, watches for all kinds of specific events and there is so much for men, for women, unisex. For young people, for children as well as smart watches or classic watches with analog screens and not so classic with digital screens.
There are as many styles as there are concepts of ideology or etiquette.

A watch style for every occasion

And it is true that if we go to a wedding we will not wear a sports watch, it would simply not be appropriate, as to a work meeting you would not wear a striking watch full of diamonds.
For this reason, there are styles of watches such as clothing styles for every occasion and different models of watches of the same style for each personal taste.

Watch Styles Categories

There are many styles of watches, but many of these styles belong to a more specific category. For example: a formal watch could be a category that includes elegant style watches, dress style watches, gala style watches, wedding watches, office work watches, possibly some luxury watches or gold watches are also included.

Another category could be watches with sporty style. This category would include all kinds of sports such as running watches, diving watches, sailing watches, aviators’ watches, hiking watches, and paragliding watches.
Categories are a simple way to group various watch styles very broadly. A running watch has very different functions than a flying watch. In a running watch we want it to have a heart rate meter, a step counter and in a flying watch we want it to measure altitude and atmospheric pressure. We would be interested in a diving watch that has a water resistance of 300 meters deep or more than 300 meters up to 4000 meters as some watches achieve, such as the ROLEX Sea Dweller that can reach depths greater than 3900 meters (12,795 feet).

A watch can have more than one style and design

That is why when we read the characteristics of a watch here at you can find that a watch can have more than one style.
A watch can be sporty in style and be a running watch and also be a modern and casual watch, like a gala watch it can have a luxurious style or be a modest watch, but also be elegant and formal.

What is a watch based on to have one style or another

The criteria for conceptualizing the style or category to which a watch belongs are determined by several factors, it can be just one or a combination of these factors:

By popularity

“So many can’t be wrong” This is a proverb that may or may not be true, but it still applies to reality.

If everyone says that a specific watch is green, although for you it is brown, it does not mean that it really is one or the other, possibly everyone is wrong, including you, but automatically that watch for the majority will be green. That is more a question of democracy and votes. Regardless of whether you are color blind or most of them are trichromatic, it is the majority who have already conceptualized it as a green color.

This is also the case in the world of watch styles, if the majority say that a leather strap makes a formal watch, well it will be, or that a gold and diamond watch is luxurious, well it will.

Designs for its characteristics

Well, yes, most decide what style things have and what style watches have, but these people were based on their characteristics and used common sense.

They couldn’t say that a watch with a leather strap is apt for ocean diving like a watch with a stainless steel bracelet or a watch with a plastic strap could do without a problem. And it is that for everything to make sense it does not have to break.

A leather watch is a formal watch because its price is high, it is soft and it is used in an office, in a meeting where no one is running and sweating. As a watch it is fine and of great quality when the gold plated does not fall after two months as in some poorly manufactured watches. Features help guide us in deciding what kind of style a watch has.

A watch that can measure heart rate, count steps, that is a bluetooth watch to play music on your wireless headphones, that has a silicone strap that can resist sweat and rain and that has GPS to measure the distance you have tour, makes that watch a sports watch.
As a minimalist style watch with the only function of showing the hour and minutes, it makes it, in addition to a minimalist style watch, also an ideal wristwatch for an important meeting where you should not separate your attention from talking with the people there present.

How many types of watches and watch styles are in

Here at the styles and designs are divided by different factors.

Divided styles for every occasion

The watch styles for every occasion chosen at are as follows:

Real gold watches

Real gold watches, more than a material, is a concept that for more than 6 thousand years with the Egyptians, was part of a lifestyle, of wealth, well-being and a symbol of power or authority.

Classic style watches

Classic style watches, when we refer to a classic style watch, we are citing wristwatches in their beginnings at the beginning of the 20th century, with the appearance of the first Louis Cartier watches in 1904.

These are mainly analog watches with a leather strap or metal bracelet with mechanical or automatic movements and that generally only show the time and do not have more complex functions as now as is the implementation of a barometer.

Modern classic style watches

In, classic watches with few functionalities and watches that seem classic, but already have the latest cutting-edge technology and functions that in the 20th century were unthinkable could exist, are in the same category.

All the beauty of the art of classical watchmaking, but with all the current technology and well-achieved functionalities. Quartz watches are added to this category.

Casual style watches

This style of watches will be those that accompany us most of the time, they are generally comfortable and durable watches. Casual style watches have models for each personal taste, as it depends on the personality of each person. There are those who prefer a mix between elegant watches, but cooler tones and there are people who wear pants at home, as there are also those who wear denim regularly.

The casual style is probably the most varied of all, there are casual watches with very striking colors such as red or yellow and others with more sober colors such as brown, watches with a fabric strap or watches with a stainless steel strap.

Minimalist Watches

Minimalist watches are suitable for meetings or appointments. They are sober, modest watches that generally only show the time and in some cases alarm. Many minimalist watches have only hands, but no markers.

Modest watches

Modest watches or watches with modest style are excellent for work meetings, corporate meetings, and can also be casual for people with a sober personality, who do not like to show off and at the same time are one of the most interesting watches as their wearers.

Modest watches can be elegant, minimalist, dress style, among many others, but they are always sober and do not seek to attract attention.

Formal Style Watches

Just as in clothing, formal watches are one of the main accessories for women and the main accessory for men. Unlike women who can own beautiful necklaces, rings and earrings, the jewel of man is his watches. The watches represent the ultimate personality of the event and its status. Some may say that to read a person it is enough to see his shoes, at we tell you to see his wristwatch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high-quality watch or an inexpensive watch, but tastefully the watch represents your style like a tie to your suit.

A formal watch can be luxury, elegant, minimalist, modern or classic, among many others. Both watches for women and watches for men are clearly defined, for a serious occasion, an important occasion, a solidarity occasion. A formal watch is suitable for any business meeting or an important event such as a wedding, an anniversary. Be it a gala or etiquette event or a business event. Formal watches are clearly defined.

Like a perfume, a hot shower and a well-managed makeup, formal watches are the main accessory to complement your outfit, at a special event or a long-awaited meeting.

Dress watches

The moment has come. It happened, after a protocol, after a marked route, it happened. A wedding, a graduation, a housewarming, a truly important party. Now is the time to celebrate and dress up. The journey was arduous, but now is the time to celebrate. The gala watches or dress style watches are your allies. In a luxurious suit in a memorable dress, a dress watch is the cherry on the cake. Now is the time to celebrate with champagne with your friends, your family, your partners, the love of your life. It is an important moment and it has to be remembered.

Dress style watches are the final accessory to your outfit for any important black tie event. They are night watches and with great spirit. Generally with a leather strap with a delicious aroma of well worked and high quality leather, they can also be striking gold watches, it does not matter that they are striking watches with many crystals, it is a special day of a great achievement and nothing else matters. To celebrate a special occasion, you don’t skimp on materials. Rose gold watches, yellow gold watches, white gold watches and all kinds of leathers, crocodile leather straps, calf, frog, witch or synthetic leather straps also known as vegan leather straps, Exotic materials that make the watch unique as well as that special event.

Elegant Watches

Elegant watches can be cheap or watches with durable materials, the concept is pampering.
An elegant watch is generally a sober watch where the color black is featured often. Elegant watches can have a leather strap including some metals, mainly yellow gold or rose gold for women’s watches, but with small dials, smaller than 34mm, although for a man black leather, blue leather and brown stand out.

Some people mistake luxury watches for elegant watches. Elegance does not need to be ostentatious, it can also be sober with modest watches. Elegance can be or look elegant, it doesn’t really matter. You can own a beautiful PVD gold watch, such as a 18 karat solid gold watch such as a gold colored stainless steel watch. It can be an Italian calf leather strap or a synthetic leather strap. Elegance does not go so much with the materials but with the concept.

The idea of ​​elegance dates back to “refined manners” when the man and the caveman finally mark their boundaries. The idea of ​​elegant watches comes mainly from “good taste”.

An elegant person knows how to correctly combine the colors of his wardrobe and harmonize in sight with his outfit. An elegant watch cannot be elegant by itself, it will depend a lot on the work of the wearer to correctly combine their outfit. Black shoes, cited black and black watch strap, Brown shoes, brown belt and brown leather strap. Never mix black shoes with brown leather strap watches or vice versa.

As much as you think a stainless steel bracelet is classy, ​​it generally isn’t. A stainless steel bracelet just being gray or silver has a casual or sporty style.

Stainless steel bracelets do not go hand in hand with black shoes, but an exception can be made for khaki shoes with a blue suit.

To keep things simple, the general rule of thumb is to match your watch strap with your shoes and belt.

In elegant women’s watches, it is a bit more versatile, but it is because women have a much wider variety of clothing than men’s.

The general rule of thumb for an elegant ladies watch, in addition to having to combine with shoes, is that the dial or case should be small and subtle, but it can have inlaid diamonds and a little more daring designs if desired, but without being too exaggerated, always trying to maintain “good taste” and avoid ostentation.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches, as their name say, have the characteristic of maximum ostentation in materials and designs. They are real gold watches or watches that look like gold, leather strap watches, ceramic, imported Swiss watches, British watches, French watches… The watches are or look like high quality watches, with special materials and exclusive designs, gold watches, watches with diamonds or exotic gems, with well worked leathers.

Luxury watches are ideal for galas, awards, tuxedo or tailcoat events.

To own a luxury watch is to give yourself a prize because you deserve it, because you deserve the best in this world.

Striking watches

Whether you’re a rapper, reggaeton player, or like to be the center of attention, eye-catching watches are your thing. Large dial watches, very shiny, with rare designs, exclusive designs, full of crystals everywhere.

Today you want to be a spectacular road advertisement and show the world that you exist and that you are someone special. Eye-catching watches can be casual, luxurious, and are ideal for partying, clubbing, and celebrating with champagne.

Fashion watches

Unlike watches with classic style, fashion watches, as their name says, are in the latest fashion. They implement everything they have learned in the history of fashion and innovate their designs to keep us awake with all the adrenaline that a new concept can give us.

Fashion watches are ideal for a party with friends, a gala event or simply a casual watch that is part of our daily life.

Funny Watches

Funny watches are generally casual, they can have funny drawings, cartoons and are cheerful to look at, they can also have very striking colors. They can be very appropriate for a non-formal party or day-to-day use.

Modern Watches

Modern watches have everything they have learned in more than a century since wristwatches were invented in the early 1900s.

All the technology, precision and designs of each era now on your wrist. With useful functionalities such as watches with bluetooth, smart watches with GPS, with a step meter, heart rate or more classic ones with analog screens, but with a stopwatch, alarm, barometer among many other functionalities.

Modern watches, more than being a style, are a whole category that groups many other styles. A modern watch can be elegant, luxurious and formal or it can be sporty and casual.

When referring to a modern style, we want to emphasize that the physical qualities of the watch are futuristic or intended to be. Man’s need to innovate in art, in engineering is a need embedded in his DNA, and modern watches are the very expression for interpreting that concept.

Sports watches

Sports watches are the ideal tool for every athlete. Be it high performance athletes or ordinary civilians in search of a healthy and prosperous life, sports watches are the faithful friend to achieve every goal.

There are countless number of sports and sports watches for every existing sport. There are running watches that are the most demanded because they are the main physical activity by preference of the majority who seek a healthy life, be it urban men and women in large cities or city dwellers who appreciate a good afternoon at sunset to go out to run, like those men and women who get up very early to run at dawn and start a day in the best way, always active, ready for the challenges that the day brings.

There are also watches for diving, with resistance to high pressures and depths. If the recreational diver dive to 20 meters deep, there are bold people who manage to dive without problem to the incredible 50 meters deep in the ocean only with their diving suits. Wristwatches are designed for them that can even be submerged to more than 3,000 meters deep.

On the other hand, aviator pilots and those who perform other aerial sports such as paramotoring or free fall, have the possibility of acquiring watches that are capable of measuring the height at which they are.

If you are a lover of high-performance racing, you will find watches with high-precision analog chronometers.

There is a watch for each sport, technology is our ally and a useful measurement tool that allows us to be informed to make correct decisions previously evaluated.

Running watches

And yes, running is the most practiced sport by the majority. Whether it is for high-performance athletes or a daily routine that allows us to keep fit and clear-headed, running is a lifestyle in itself.

For all those who practice this sport, running watches are very helpful. It allows us to measure the heart rate to be able to make correct decisions, reduce our speed to avoid damaging ourselves or increase it to achieve the best performance.

Running is a routine that grows gradually, we always run a little more, in addition to measuring our distance with the help of a GPS watch we can also measure the size of our strides and the number of steps we take in a certain distance. Always trying to break our limits, running watches will help us achieve it.

Military watches

Military-style watches can look like military watches with colors in military green or military camouflage tones. They can also be really military watches (for military use) with colors that do not look military like black watches, but that their physical characteristics and their functionalities do. The main characteristic of an authentic military watch is that it is very resistant to shocks and water. They also have other types of functionalities that can be as basic as having an alarm, night light, a timer even more complex such as GPS, solar battery recharge and other types of more advanced technologies.

Military watches are generally casual in style but their main objective is that they are prepared to last. They can be used for recreational excursions such as hunting or excursions in hostile places, desert, jungle, among others. They are watches made so that the platoons and the navy have a very useful tool in warfare in foreign territory, but any civilian can acquire a watch with these characteristics for military use.

Heavy duty

The concept of heavy duty is that it is a watch made to last, they are watches with resistant materials, they can be watches with anti-scratch sapphire crystals, high hardness stainless steel, resistance to water from great depths, silicone straps and any material that help define a bad ass watch.

Heavy-duty watches can be elegant, casual or sports, no matter the style, but their materials are of high quality and above all durable.

Rare Watches

Rare watches, as their name say, are unsettling at first glance, but at the same time they are vastly interesting and striking. Rare watches can be seen, or they can be watches with unusual applications or functionality.

Rare watches are ideal for those who love exotic things possibly out of this world.

Custom watches

Personalized watches are made exclusively with individual characteristics and wishes. They are custom made watches. For this, the client generally goes to the watchmaker and demands the characteristics that he wishes to achieve.

At we usually do not offer watches made to measure by a watchmaker artist, but we do offer watches that you can customize, such as the possibility of changing the straps of your watch for other colors or designs.

Vintage watches

The old has its charm, vintage watches have that characteristic that many of us consider genuine with a nostalgic feeling. It’s like being home and remembering your old folks.

Led Zepelling’s music on the leather of your wristwatch, that old and worn style has a real soul.

Vintage watches can be elegant, they can be casual watches, but yes … they all have an old style that causes us nostalgia. They are mainly watches with an air of the seventies, maybe you deliberately smoked opium and marijuana if you lived at that time and it was all love and peace.

Retro Watches

Retro watches remind us a bit of the fifties, jukeboxes and chevys of the 55, with a little twist dancing.
Retro watches transport us to the era of long puffy dresses and drive-ins.

Types or families of clocks

Unlike styles, watch families are divided into wristwatches, wall clocks, pocket watches and tower or bell tower clocks. Nowadays showing the time is as simple as looking at your microwave oven, your computer, your cell phone or your alarm clock. But referring to more exclusive watches for the task and that also have the intention of giving a more artistic touch, we will focus on the families of watches first mentioned.


In the families of wristwatches are divided into 3 types:

Cheap watches

They are all watches that have a low price either because they have a great discount or because most people can pay considering the average salary.
Cheap watches are not strictly related to their materials or their functionalities, there can be cheap watches with a high quality of materials and manufacturing, as well as they can have all the functionalities that technology can offer us.

Fine watches

Fine watches can be cheap or expensive, but generally to be honest, they come at a higher price than most would not pay without at least thinking twice, not because of the watch itself since it surely has the best materials and the highest quality, but because we must manage to pay an investment with 4 or 5 figures.

The quality of the materials, their technology and also the advertising that the brand invests (which is the most expensive always) is closely related to the price.

Regardless of what was said above. Fine watches are everything anyone craves. Good and lasting over time, they are watches that can already be considered a jewel that can even be inherited.

At there are no expensive watches. Have you ever tried to make a watch yourself? Years of research, surviving adversities such as the great wars of 14 and 39, some countries even became communists east of the iron curtain and their governments seized everything. Generations that could have bankrupted brands by incompetent management and after so much are still standing bringing the highest expression of engineering on your wrist.
A fine watch is a well made watch, expensive perhaps, but well achieved and we should have at least one gala watch for special occasions in our lives, because in the end you only live once and a watch is a gift that lasts forever.

Exclusive watches

Exclusive watches can be both cheap watches and watches with high quality materials, but it is the very nature of the watch that does not allow these watches to be categorized as one or the other.

Exclusive watches are more inclined to the idea that they are priceless watches or are difficult to value. This can be due to a very limited production of watches, as well as the age of the watch and its rarity.

Exclusive watches are collectibles and their value may seem stratospheric, however; Because they are discontinued, because they are unique or because of some characteristic that makes them special, the value of exclusive watches will depend on the intention of the seller and the demand of the interested party, which may be an amount that may seem reasonable or irrational, but will always depend of supply and demand.

Watch building materials

In all the watches are divided by their materials and their functionalities, you can find in our catalog watches with a gold bracelet, watches with a leather bracelet, either synthetic leather or real leather, watches with a titanium bracelet, watches with a steel bracelet, watches with rubber or plastic bracelet in all its variables. You can also search for watches by the material of their cases, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, authentic silver watches, wooden watches, silicone watches and many other materials.

You can also search our store for watches by a specific color: red, green, blue, pink, yellow, brown, gold, silver watches and many more.

Watch designs for every audience

Men’s watches

Watches of all styles, materials and functionalities that represent the manly character, watches with large boxes like the size of their wrists, because the physical complexion of men depends on the choice when choosing the size of the box.

Women’s watches

Subtler and generally more ornate size watches, smaller than 30mm for formal events and possibly larger for casual wear if desired. As in men and in any person in general, the physical complexion influences the choice of the watch, women of small height and thin complexion should wear smaller watches than those very tall and more robust women.

Unisex watches

It doesn’t matter who uses them. Many smartwatches are unisex. They can be sober watches or with very striking colors, but with minimalist designs.

Youth watches

They are very cheerful and generally eye-catching watches, there are many very beautiful cheap watches available in our store, with youthful styles.

Watches for children whether girls or boys.

Children’s watches are generally very cheap and resistant, the best children’s watches are those that have GPS, as they can help us keep abreast of the whereabouts of our children at all times.

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