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If there is one thing that makes the Luminox brand stand out, it is the use of the same technology that was used in the past to create military weaponry and that has allowed them to create high-quality Luminox watches.

The brand offers the option of acquiring more minimalist models, for those who simply want to keep track of the passing of the hours, but also some with various applications, such as a compass built into the watch strap or an eternal calendar. A luminox men’s watch is designed to have a useful life of 25 years.

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Luminox watches for women

Its collection of watches for women is much more recent, and mixes dark colors with light ones to achieve more attractive designs for the modern woman who wants to wear a luminox watch on her wrist. Sports enthusiasts will not have to worry about the watch breaking, thanks to its great resistance, and with the help of the chronograph you can control how long your physical activity lasts. Although their designs are highly inspired by the military world, they also have a much more elaborate luxury collection for women, breaking with what the brand had done so far, to have the perfect watch for the big galas.

Luminox watches for men

Its collection of men’s watches is characterized by presenting large models with a predominance of dark tones, both on the strap and on the dial. To guarantee its durability, the strap is made of rubber, also featuring stainless steel designs, with a titanium dial covered by a highly shock-resistant sapphire crystal. They have a capsule filled with luminescent gas, which allows it to illuminate when the lights are turned off and the time can be checked with the position of the hands.

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The Luminox watch collection leaves no one indifferent, for its outgoing and detailed designs based on the world of the Armed Forces.

Resistant, eye-catching and with the possibility of being used for diving, as it has models that can support a depth of up to 500 meters, with different ideal applications for swimming under the sea.

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