Watches with diamonds or zircons

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Watches with crystals are excellent accessories for gala or cocktail events. There are watches with many crystals and other more discreet watches with some crystals, that are watches more modest. Either one or the other, both are very luxurious watches that captivate anyone’s attention.

Different types of gems can be embedded in the watch, such as diamonds, opal, rubies or zircons, among others.

Watches with diamonds or zircons

Zircons are visibly similar to diamonds. Some call them synthetic diamonds (man-made), however zircons are perfect, they have no visible flaws. The main difference aside from price is that diamonds are carbon (C on the periodic table) at its finest and zircons are made of zirconium oxide (ZrO2).

The low cost of zircons is due to their ease of manufacture, but it is a material of great quality and resistance. So buying a watch with crystals is possible for all types of pockets.

Watches with diamonds

There is nothing more luxurious than gemstones and both diamond watches and crystal watches are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Having a watch with crystals, whether accompanied by gold, ceramic, or even stainless steel on your wrist, will always make you remember why you work …or who you work for.

Best gift for a lady

Crystal watches shine like the most beautiful women. A more amazing detail than a bouquet of flowers that will never fade. A crystal watch is a gift that lasts forever and she will know it.

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