No more searching through your bag every time you receive a whatsapp or an email. From now on you want to have all your notifications and calls directly on your wrist. Or maybe what you want is a watch to use when doing sports, that records your physical activity. You want a Smartwatch, you have already decided, but you have no idea which one to buy, so at we will explain it to you:

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Types of Smartwatch

Currently there are 4 categories of Smartwatches and they depend on the connections and features they offer. In addition, there are both high-end models and low-cost models with all kinds of functionalities such as the following:


Bluetooth logo because here you can find smartwatches or bluetooh watches for sale here at watches that have Bluetooth are linked to the mobile and allow you to manage different applications, such as calls, notifications, messages, calendar and music, always within the range (distance) allowed by Bluetooth technology. This type of Smartwatch is totally dependent on the associated Smartphone or Tablet, if it is used independently it will only help us to display the time.


GSM watches have a SIM card slot, so they do not depend on the Smartphone but are limited to the GSM connection (2G), so they allow you to receive calls, messages, etc. straight from the wrist, but internet service is limited.


The mixture of the previous types, the Smartwatches with Bluetooth and GSM, allow you to place a SIM card to make and receive calls, messages, etc., and they also connect to the mobile through Bluetooth technology, so they allow you to manage emails, social networks, whatsapp and phone settings. The good thing about this type of Smartwatch is that it is not necessary to carry the Smartphone to use it.

Bluetooth Watches


The most modern version that allows total independence from the Smartphone. These smart watches, also known as WatchPhones, incorporate at least 2G and 3G connections and an operating system compatible with the functions of the Smartphone, making it a small wristband Smartphone. This type of watch incorporates quite advanced functions, depending on the model, such as a photo and video camera, message notification with the possibility of reading and multimedia players. In addition, there are very inexpensive models.

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