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French watch brands

French watch brands are not as popular as Swiss watch brands or Japanese brands, but they are also renowned for their high quality watches.

In the 18th century, Paris was one of the most important cities in watchmaking, the fame of its watches is largely due to master watchmakers such as Jean-Antoine Lépine and his disciple Abraham Louis-Breguet.

Lépine was responsible for reducing the size of watches and at that time the appearance of upcoming pocket and wrist watches was possible.

Breguet continued the Lépine legacy and advanced in the field of watchmaking more than any other watchmaker thanks to inventions such as the famous Tourbillon created in 1795. His brand still prevails and continues to make luxury watches.

French watches arrived late in the watchmaking industrial era and other countries such as Russia or Germany surpassed them by making reliable and affordable watches.

Even so, its proximity to Switzerland, especially the watchmaking province of La Chaux-de-Fonds, with which it borders, has inspired numerous French watch brands that are still in operation today.

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