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In addition to being an excellent complement to any look, men’s and women’s watches arrive on the market each year with more features and functionalities, prepared to make your life much easier. This happens both with the simplest watches of casual and sport style, especially thought as original and practical accessories that come to replace bracelets where they do not quite combine well, as well as with purely sports watches, also called simply heart rate monitors, intended for the practice of some type of physical exercise in particular.

From casual watches with large dials, in military green or red tones to combine with jeans and a casual-style T-shirt, to complex accessories with a heart rate monitor for running. These accessories do not escape the trends, fusing minimalist styles with complex functions, such as those found in waterproof watches or those that measure heart rate and can then be connected to your smartphone or computer. New sports watches for an increasingly accelerated life, in which time sometimes asks us for a truce.

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The watch as a sports tool

Currently, a wide variety of watches for men and women designed especially for sports are flooding online and physical stores. Sports practice is part of the daily life of many people and is increasingly understood as a habit of healthy and unavoidable life and that is why the large watchmaking firms understand that new sports watches, in addition to presenting a large number with new functionalities, they must undoubtedly follow trends, since they will share a large part of our time and complete many of our daily looks.

Small and light watches so as not to disturb during exercise or large ones with a heart rate monitor, heart rate meter and a multitude of other functions added to those of marking the hour and seconds of the race. Varied models, in blue tones to combine perfectly with your sports club shirt or in black if you are looking for something more neutral. Because sport and style, now more than ever, go hand in hand.

How to combine sport watches

Sports watches, with or without a heart rate monitor, will be perfect to combine both with sports looks specially designed for doing some physical exercise, as well as with sporty street and casual style looks. But there is also the option of a line of sports watches that, although they are not especially intended for sports practice, if they follow informal guidelines and will perfectly complete any original street look, with a casual and modern style.

Here we can find from models of white, blue, automatic and minimalist watches, to the original and totally retro and vintage colored Casio watches, which will complete a good male or female sporty look giving it a different and totally chic touch. The most daring will even go a step further and use these simpler sport watches to practice sports, integrating “less is more” in their looks.

Choosing a good sports watch

The best sports style watch will be one that is specially designed for the use you want to give it and from which you can extract the best functionality, always bearing in mind that the design, or its different features, are also very important. If you need a watch to go cycling, control your heart rate when you go for a run or know your heart rate while swimming in the pool, without a doubt the most interesting thing for you will be to choose a good quality sports watch with a heart rate monitor, submersible and to be able to make the most of each and every one of its functions.

If, on the other hand, you are simply looking for a watch to combine with your jeans, your sweatpants or your more casual and sporty looks, a Casio Vintage or a sports watch in striking red or fluorine tones, in a large size, can be a great option for you. This type of accessory can be found at much cheaper prices and will serve to round off your style while you continue to control time.

Find your perfect watch

Sports watches are therefore the main complement and tool for any self-respecting gymnastic look. In this special catalog you will find a large number of sports-style women’s watches and men’s watches, designed to make it much easier to perform any type of physical exercise thanks to their special, and increasingly complex, features, such as for example the measurement of the unevenness traveled in your running or cycling or the resistance to shocks and water. You can find all these devices at really cheap prices. Male and female watches, large in size to better see the results of your exercise and sometimes even maps or GPS indications or smaller devices so that they do not bother you while you are doing physical activity.

Check this selection and you can buy online in our store the best cheap watches for women and men to practice sports. You will also find a wide variety of watches, small and large, designed with the aim of being the perfect complement to the more stylish informal looks. Because a good watch always accompanies a great personality, don’t forget to find yours for your most sporty occasions.

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