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Almost four decades dedicated to the world of fashion, the Guess brand is one of the most distinguished on the planet. Guess watches have a unique style that makes them stand out from the rest, since each design has been meticulously worked, down to the last detail.

Guess watches for men

This does not mean that new models are not designed every year so that lovers of the Marciano brothers’ brand cannot get hold of one of their wonderful watches. Men can decide whether they want a watch with a leather strap, black or brown, or opt for a stainless steel strap. Their dials are usually gold or silver color, and their design varies from the simplest models where the twelve hours that are traversed by the hands are simply represented or a little more detailed designs, with a calendar or second hand.

Guess watches for women

However, women are the main protagonists of the Guess brand. Celebrities like Paris Hilton or Claudia Schiffer have posed in front of a camera not only wearing the garments made by these designers, but also their great watches. Compared to the models of other manufacturers, Guess watches for women stand out for a medium-sized dial, offering models with a leather strap for those women who need a watch for day-to-day use and do not want it to stand out too much, as well as models with a chocolate, silver or gold colored metal strap for those who have to attend a big event and want to highlight their wonderful accessory.

The Guess brand offers truly exclusive watch models and designs that will only be available to those with exquisite taste. But for those who want a much simpler watch, they will also find different models and designs in the brand’s catalog that will capture their attention and they will want to wear it on their wrist. Keeping track of time will no longer be a problem!

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While most of the famous watchmaking brands work on introducing new watch models for men and women every year, Guess is known for mainly thinking of new models for women, which leaves men a little behind in their products.

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