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Since it was founded in 1904, the Rolex brand has been known for being one of the most exquisite and expensive when it comes to wristwatches. And is that not everyone can afford an authentic Rolex watch, because due to its price they are not available to everyone.

Rolex Women Watches

For women it is currently a trend that rose gold is used to design these watches, to break a bit the typical aesthetics of gold and silver on women’s wrists. Of course, the interior of the spheres is also worked with gold, often in a different color in order to create an exclusive contrast in the design. The Rolex watch brand is always working on ways to innovate its designs to surprise its customers.

Rolex Men Watches

Men who like fashion and high-quality accessories will be very happy to have one of these watches on their wrist, as there is no better feeling. Despite what their size may appear, they are not excessively heavy watches, which does not affect daily tasks, since they have been subjected to a manufacturing process that guarantees their lightness. What’s more, both the bracelet and the dial are manufactured with a combination of different materials to guarantee its exclusive design, such as combining steel with white or yellow gold.

Rolex watch catalog

Its catalog of Rolex watches leaves no one indifferent. This brand has always been characterized because they have never stopped innovating when making their watches. Throughout its more than 100 years of history, the company has renewed its designs so that they remain unique and special.

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An exclusive brand that very few pockets can approach if they are looking for a unique watch that will stand out wherever it goes. But that does not mean that it is not available to everyone, since they also offer slightly cheaper proposals, with straps made only with high-quality steel or leather, for those who want a watch from the brand at a more accessible price. These models are designed for athletes and those who like to swim at shallow depths, since Rolex watches have incredible resistance to water.

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