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The brand was born in 1982 as an independent high-end watch brand. It is currently part of the Seiko Watches group, offering a wide collection of Lorus watches to lovers of these accessories.

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Lorus watches have two things that make them special: their quality and a very affordable price.

Lorus watches for women

Its collection of Lorus watches for women is characterized by representing the luxury and elegance of bygone eras. Their small size, coupled with their bright colors, make them great to use as accessories for a large party, but they are also ideal for everyday use. Their hands always mark the exact time and they never run out of battery thanks to the motion recharge.

Lorus watches for children

The brand also offers a collection of Lorus watches for children, much cheaper and simpler. Its straps are made of rubber and have been designed to resist any sudden movement. No matter how much the child removes it and puts it on, the strap will not break, and its resistance to shocks is excellent, being able to withstand all kinds of impacts. The brand has both analog and digital watches for the little ones in the house, ideal for them to begin to know the hours and control the time in their day to day.

Lorus watches for men

For its collection for men, the brand offers a wide variety of sizes, so that the modern man can choose the most suitable for each occasion. With a Lorus watch on your wrist it will be impossible to be late for the most important meetings, because it will be impossible to forget that it is worn on your wrist because of how striking it is. In addition, it has the option of several alarm programs, an ideal function for those who have to be punctual in all their daily commitments.

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Lorus sports watches

For sports lovers, the brand offers a collection of unisex Lorus watches, which have different very useful applications for athletes: chronograph, second hand, alarm, pulse control, etc. Thanks to watches that combine analog with digital movement, its owner will be able to enjoy the luxury of a Lorus watch along with the convenience of having an excellent controller for their physical activities.

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