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Michael Kors brand watches

As with his fashion designs, in his watches, the designer has managed to perfectly combine the American style with the European. Whoever purchases one of the Michael Kors watches knows that he is going to have in his hands a quality and unique watch.

Michael Kors watch catalog

A wide catalog of Michael Kors watches for fashionistas. Anyone who considers himself a true lover of fashion cannot afford to go out without wearing one of the designer watches from the Michael Kors brand on his wrist.

Michael Kors watches for men

Creating a very different offer for men and women, for them it offers models with a much larger sphere and with simple colors. Black or brown leather straps for those who do not like to feel the cold metal on their skin throughout the day, with spheres that allow them to control the time by watching how the needle goes through the hours. Although for those who prefer models a little more striking, they can be made with watches with stainless steel straps, predominantly for men gold colors. In these designs you can find how the hand goes from hour to hour represented in numbers, in points or in the classic Roman numerals. The customer has a choice!

Michael Kors watches for women

For them, there are a large number of models; smaller circular dial designs on a stainless steel strap with quite beautiful designs that are characterized by their simplicity. These models, which predominate above all the combination of silver and gold colors, are perfect for the woman who loves to attend large events and does not want her watch to stand out too much from her ensemble, but she does not want to that out of tune. If what the woman wants is a watch that serves her day-to-day, that is simple but that allows her to combine it with everything, she has the possibility of several watches with brown or black leather strap with a medium-sized dial, also counting on the possibility of a watch with a small dial if you prefer something less striking.

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All these watches are designed with the most modern technology, prepared to have a long durability and can withstand strong shocks as well as not be damaged when submerged in water. Top quality watches at a reasonable price for the excellent work done by Michael Kors. Are you a lover of their products? Well, you can’t miss the opportunity to have one of their excellent watch models!

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