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It wasn’t until 1994 that the brand added the watches to its product range. Using the style that has always characterized them, the brand introduced Nautica watches that perfectly combined the American classic with the European modern style.

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Search the Nautica watch catalog for the ideal watch. The brand has always been characterized because all its designs are made with style, bright colors, are showy and, above all, perfectly represent contemporary Europe. Nautica designs are inspired by the most famous maritime adventures and sailing.

Nautical watch for sailing

Since they are inspired by the high seas, all their designs have a tachymeter, compass, stopwatch and alarm. But for those who prefer to get away from that style of sea lion there are models in their catalog with fewer functions for their daily use. They have various designs, from watches with rubber straps to others with titanium, with spheres that are highly resistant to shocks and that can be submerged up to 200 meters. Some of these watches are specially designed for offshore use, and have a screw-type pinion that allows it to be hermetically closed and thus prevent the entry of water.

Nautica watches for women and men

Nautica has watches for both women and men. Women have small dial wristwatches, with the option of also attaching a medium dial watch to their wrist, while men have Nautica watches with oversized dials. All of them of incomparable quality and that combine perfectly with the informal style of the high seas and the city. They are ideal for the summer, as they have been made with material to prevent them from being damaged by sweat, thus also preventing them from sticking to the skin and damaging it due to the lack of perspiration.

If you want to feel like a true sea wolf, there is no better choice to wear on your wrist.

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All of this has been transferred with incredible success to wristwatches, demonstrating that their wearer leads an energetic lifestyle of incessant activity. Nautica watches stand out for two things: first for their functionality and second for their quality.

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