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The watch brand of one of the most important and modern fashion brands is inspired by the late husband of its designer, Donna Karan. Although she began designing exclusive fashion watches for women, in recent years she has expanded her catalog with watches also for men.

Dkny watches for women

Ella’s extensive collection of Dkny watches for women features a wide variety of designs. The brand is mainly committed to watches with straps that imitate the shape of a bracelet for festive events, such as a gala or a wedding, while for the day to day it offers its customers more traditional varieties with straps dipped in yellow gold or in silver. Very minimalist models to keep an exact control of the time.

Dkny watches for men

For its part, the Dkny men’s watch collection has designs that give its owner the opportunity to control several time zones at the same time, also having the possibility of using a chronograph if you want to play sports and know the exact time that the activity has lasted. They are eye-catching watches, which perfectly combine the appearance of a luxury watch together with the feeling of wearing a simple bracelet, since the materials that have been used in their manufacture are not heavy and thus it is guaranteed that it does not disturb its owner in day-to-day tasks.

A Dkny watch can be worn on the wrist for any occasion, with a resistance to submerging it in water up to 50 meters deep and designed to withstand any type of impact. It can be thrown from a considerable height and will not take any damage. And for those who are going to keep it in the box until it is the right time to use it, Dkny watches have a self-reloading mechanism with the movement of the owner’s wrist. It will be enough with half an hour of movement to have three hours of battery.

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Luxury and comfort is what differentiates Dkny watches from other watches. Their watches have exclusive designs, which makes them distinctive, at an accessible price and are ideal to wear on the wrist during long working hours.

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